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Ashfield College has a long and proud tradition of preparing students for the challenge posed by the Leaving Certificate. This tradition of excellence continues to the present day. We believe that a combination of expert teaching and excellent class notes, focused on the skills needed to excel in the Leaving Certificate, are amongst the secrets to success. At Ashfield College, we don’t believe in overcrowded, anonymous classes. Instead, we have created a quiet haven for effective study far from the distractions of the city centre, one where you will be valued as an individual, with your own specific needs and requirements. We have developed best-in-class online resources and exceptional study notes to help you achieve the very best results possible next June.

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  • Ashfield College Moves to Dundrum

    In  September 2015, Ashfield College opened the doors of its new, custom built premises on the Sandyford Road, Dundrum, Dublin 16 for the first time. Huge investment has gone into the new premises includes a state of the art Science Laboratory, Music Room and Computer Lab. For more information on our 5th Year, 6th Year and …
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  • Vogue Williams does…Straight ‘A’s at Ashfield College – on RTÉ2

    Check out the RTÉ2 Documentary on 27th May at 9 pm to see if Vogue Williams gets straight ‘A’s in her Leaving Cert at Ashfield College. Vogue Does….Straight A’s   A REALITY BITES Authored Pop-Doc fronted by Vogue Williams for RTÉ Two Mid-August, every year, you can’t miss them. Plastered on the front page of the …
    Vogue does straight As, RTE2 documentary, Vogue Williams
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