Revision Courses

Revision Courses for Leaving Certificate.

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Revision Courses

Students enrolled on Ashfield College Revision Courses benefit from;

  • Study Notes for each subject  
  • Excellent Teachers
  • Analysis of exam structure
  • Exam technique and timing
  • How to manage exam stress

 Our Teachers

Ashfield College Teachers are some of the best Leaving Certificate teachers in the country. Many are Leaving Certificate examiners themselves and their overriding objective is to teach students how to succeed in the state exams. Our teachers will ‘put you in the examiners chair’ and explain how the marking scheme works for their subject. They will show you how you can lose points unnecessarily or gain points easily and what is really expected of you. Ashfield College has a 30 year proven track record in preparing students for the Leaving Certificate.

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Teachers, whose highly effective teaching methods and in-depth knowledge of the examination marking scheme expertly prepare students for the Leaving & Junior Certificate.

Many of our teachers have experience as Leaving Certificate Examiners and are published authors of course text books.

Each Revision course includes an exclusive Ashfield College Study Manual, written by our expert teachers.

Taught by our team of experienced & inspirational teachers, our Leaving Certificate Revision Courses can improve subject knowledge, address problem areas and help improve exam grades.

Strategically scheduled during the school holidays at Christmas, Easter and just prior to the Leaving Cert exams in May, Ashfield College Revision Courses build student confidence and provide subject-specific, exam-focused notes and guidance in advance of the Leaving Certificate exams.

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