6th Year Leaving Certificate Programme

We are now accepting applications for 6th Year and Repeat Leaving Certificate 2018/2019


Why choose Ashfield College for your 6th Year or Repeat Leaving Certificate?

6th Year students will cover the complete Leaving Cert syllabus in full in the 6th Year. 6th Year students will receive 3 to 4 hours of expert tuition per subject per week. This means that students have the opportunity of taking up certain subjects in 6th year as an additional subject which they may not have studied previously.

At Ashfield College students have an unrivaled choice of subjects because, unlike most other schools, we build our timetable around the student. Leaving Certificate students may choose from 24 subjects offered at Higher and Ordinary level;

Accounting, Agricultural Science, Arabic, Art, Applied Maths, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Classical Studies, Design & Communication Graphics (DC&G), Economics, English, French, German, Geography, History, Irish, Home Economics, Italian, Maths, Music, Physics, Religion and Spanish.

Our Teachers

We recruit the highest performing teachers from the top schools in Ireland. Our teachers are Leaving Certificate Examiners and Published Authors in their subjects.

They will help you achieve your maximum potential in the Leaving Certificate Exams.

Leaving Cert Biology Teacher


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Study Manuals

Students are provided with exclusive study manuals for each subject, written by our teachers.  These manuals are extremely exam-focused and are used in each class

thus eliminating the need to take excessive hand written notes and therefore enabling the student to listen and interact in class.



Ashfield College uses the Learning Management System’ Moodle’ as an extra resources for students, providing a platform to deliver  recorded revision classes and additional learning resources to our students.

Career Guidance

Career Guidance at Ashfield College














Ashfield College is committed to ensuring full student support and guidance throughout the CAO and UCAS application process. Our fully qualified and highly experienced Career Guidance Counsellor, Moya McDowell is available to provide advice and direction to our all our students throughout the year, both on a one-to-one basis and via career talks. Parents / guardians are invited to regular public talks aimed at helping parents understand how they can help their child through the Leaving Cert.

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To find out more about our application process call 01 490 4050 or contact us