Study Leaving Certificate Agricultural Science at Ashfield College

Leaving Certificate Agricultural Science can be studied as a one or two year programme, either as a full-time day school student or as an external student as an ‘extra subject’.

Subject Group: Science

Classes are two nights per week for 90 minutes per class (3 hours per week) over 30 weeks.

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Agricultural Science is the study of the science and technology underlying the principles and practices of agriculture. It aims to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes concerning the factors that affect the long-term well-being of agricultural resources, and places emphasis on the managed use of these resources. It is steadily growing in popularity every year. It is recognised as a laboratory science subject for almost all 3rd level courses including nursing.

It can be a good  subject to study  with Biology and/or Geography due to the overlap in course content. Some experience of farming is desirable but is not a necessity.

Teacher Profile


Mary MacCarthy Agricultural Science

Mary MacCarthy

BSc. (Hons), H Dip Ed

Subject: Agricultural Science

With over thirty years’ teaching experience , Mary’s knowledge of Biology and Agricultural Science at Leaving Certificate level is second to none. As part of ISCIP project, Mary was incremental in developing the National curriculum we know today, where she was involved in developing new methods of teaching Science, writing the manuals and setting the exam papers for The Department of Education and Science.

Mary has a wealth of experience as a State Examiner and has contributed to The Farmers Journal on numerous occasions on the topic the Agricultural Science syllabus.

Mary is much loved by her students and is known for helping every student to discover a love for Agricultural Science and for each student to achieve their full potential in the subject.

“I’ve been in Ashfield College for one year only, and as a foreign student the challenges for me were to successfully complete 6th Year in one year only and in a different language. But the teachers were an awesome help and they supported me wherever they could. Especially Mary, my Agricultural Science teacher, was a huge help as she encouraged me and sometimes even took extra time with me when I had difficulty understanding something. It was a great year and a great experience!”

Alexandra Egger, Leaving Cert


The Programme covers the following topics:

The rearing of animals
The growing of crops
Soil types
Animal and plant science

Subject Content
The course consists of the study of a variety of aspects of agriculture under the following headings:

  • Soils
  • The general structure and function of plants
  • Farm crops – cereal and roots
  • Farm crops – grassland
  • Trees and shelter
  • Structure and function of the animal body
  • The cow, the sheep, horse, and pig
  • Farm buildings (for school assessment only)
  • Farm-house environment (for school assessment only)

Exam Structure
The examination in Agricultural Science consist of (a) a terminal examination paper and (b) an assessment of the work of the candidate during the course under the headings: identification of plant and animal types associated with agriculture; practical experience with crops, livestock, house and farmyard layouts; investigations carried out related to ecology, soil science, animal physiology, plant physiology, genetics and microbiology.

The examination for this subject is split into two parts as follows

  1. The Practical Section (Project) and Oral Exam is worth 25% of your overall score.
  2. Written exam is worth 75%

Practical Work

External student who are studying Agricultural Studies as an extra subject at Ashfield College must be aware of the fact that you will need to take two days off from your school during the academic year to perform the practical work involved in the course. Part of this practical course work involves farm visits which constitute a large portion of the project work.

To discuss whether Agricultural Science would be a good choice for your Leaving Certificate call 01 490 4050 and talk to one of our subject experts.

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