Study Home-Economics at Ashfield College

Leaving Certificate Home-Economics can be studied as a one or two year programme as a full-time day school student.

Subject Group; Social

The Home Economics syllabus provides students with knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes necessary for managing their own lives, for further and higher education and work. Home- Ec prepares students for a consumer-oriented society and provides a learning foundation for a wide range of careers in food, textiles, science, design, social studies and tourism.

Teacher Profile
Liz O'Brien Home Economics Teacher

 Elizabeth O’Brien

B.Ed in Home Economics and Irish, St. Angelas, PGDE

Subject: Home Economics

Liz O’Brien has become an increasingly popular teacher among our students, due to her extensive knowledge of the Home Economics syllabus and marking scheme. Elizabeth has used this knowledge to develop model answering techniques, which provide students with the essential tools they need to achieve top marks in the Leaving Certificate.

Liz’s in-depth knowledge of trends and patterns in past Leaving Certificate papers has provided her with a unique insight into what students can expect in the State Exam.

“Liz cuts down the workload in Home Economics and is very precise about what we need to know for June.”

Maléna Boylan, Leaving Cert

“Liz’s positivity, helpfulness and exam focus are unparalleled. She managed to get through an extremely long course in under a year and still have plenty of time to revise.

Joy Boucher, Leaving Cert


Subject Content
The course consists of the study of a variety of aspects of Home-Economics under the following headings;

  • Food Studies
  • Resource management and Consumer Studies
  • Social Studies
  • Textiles, Fashion & Design
  • Home Design and Management

Exam Structure

The Home-Economics Leaving Certificate exam is 80% written examination and 20% practical coursework.  The written exam is 2 hours 30 minutes. The written exam consists of both short and long questions from all aspects of the course.

To discuss whether Home-Economics would be a good choice for your Leaving Certificate call 01 490 4050 and talk to one of our subject experts.

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