5th Year Leaving Cert Programme

5th Year Leaving Certificate Programme

A solid 5th year is the foundation for a successful Leaving Certificate. For this reason 5th Year students are introduced to the Leaving Certificate syllabus and the effective work practices required in the Leaving Certificate.  During the 5th year, students cover 75% of the Leaving Cert syllabi, which will provide an invaluable foundation for the 6th Year. Students are monitored academically with regular testing and continuous assessment in all subjects.

Choosing the right combination of subjects is the key to opening up opportunities at 3rd level and in your future career. We offer a wide choice of subjects and we build our timetable around you, our students, which means that you get to choose your ideal combination of subjects. We will ensure that the subjects you choose will offer you the maximum potential points and fulfill the metrication requirements of 3rd level education.

5th Year students are encouraged to participate in extra curriculum activities designed to develop leadership skills and promote teamwork and a sense of community. Activities 5th year students have enjoyed include careers talks from leading industry figures,  5-a-side soccer, trips to the theatre and art  galleries, debating, the publication of a student newsletter  and fundraising for charities.


Ashfield College 5th Year students would like to invite you to ‘Pucker up for Parkinsons’ – Upload your own ‘Pucker up for Parkinsons’ video and text LEMON to 50300 to donate €2 for Move4Parkinson.

Posted by Ashfield College on Tuesday, 2 June 2015