Study Tips – Junior Cert

I got 8 H1s in the leaving cert,  here’s my tips for you Junior Cert students, as it’s pretty much how I study and approach each subject. Good luck, be positive and stay focused! – Muhammad

1. Organise yourself and have some kind of timetable for what subjects to study each day. This way you don’t waste time deciding what to study because you already have it laid out.

2. Past papers are so important. 
You’d be surprised at how often questions are repeated; some are literally word for word exactly the same. Go through as many as you can and focus on the marking schemes so that you word your answers correctly to maximise your marks . If you don’t have time to write out every answer on paper then for wordy answers like “Define… ” “Give an acount of…” , say the answer in your head and check it in the marking scheme. But if it’s something like a calculation or drawing a diagram then actually do it out on paper.

3. For Maths  once you’ve understood the concepts do questions, past paper ones preferably, and get used to doing difficult ones so that your standard becomes high.


4. For Maths  know your way around the Formulae and Tables booklet (log tables), because it’ll save you time in the real exam when you’ll have one with you. 


5. Work hard but take controlled breaks and balance hobbies with studying. Find something that you enjoy doing to relax and take your mind off studying every now and then but don’t go overboard with it.


6.  Don’t get stressed because it’s counterproductive. Just do your best and nobody can ask more of you than that.


7. The summer after 3rd year is beautiful and worth the wait!