“I never left a class without understanding it. If I had questions the teachers would always give up their time to help me and explain everything clearly. I am absolutely delighted with my results”

Michelle Chisvo, Medical Student, UK, 600 Points Leaving Certificate 2012-13



“I went to Ashfield College to increase my points and I got them! The teachers were really helpful and approachable. I was so happy there. I can’t speak highly enough about Ashfield College.”

Sophie Wann, UCD School of Veterinary Medicine. 585 Points 2013-14.

“I have just finished 5th year in Ashfield College. So far I’ve enjoyed everything the school has to offer; the small number per classroom, the friendly students, subject focus and the professionalism of the teachers. Coming from a regular school, it was difficult in the beginning to get used to the long hours, but I can say that it is worth it. Having a study hall in the school with teachers on hand to help with any questions or problems, help keep everyone focused for the Leaving Cert. By the time you leave in the evening, all homework and study is mostly done.

At Ashfield, everything possible is done to help students – at the start of the year, they changed the timetable multiple times to accommodate all students and the subjects they wanted to take. Regular assessments and one-on-one time with teachers will assure that every student identifies problem areas and fixes them, which in turn will help them to reach their full potential for their Leaving Certificate exams.
Ashfield College will prepare you not only for the Leaving Certificate, but also for the future. If you are looking for a school to help you achieve your very best, Ashfield is the place for you. And, like me, you might just make some life-long friends along the way!”

Christo Pretorius, Class of 2013-5


I have never encountered such a prominent work ethic within any school environment previously. The atmosphere is exactly what one needs to find the motivation required for studying. The effort made in order to facilitate students is nothing short of impressive.  I have not once struggled to get an answer to my questions, which are always answered with great care and detailed explanations.

I particularly value the learning materials and manuals provided by Ashfield College to students for every subject. I have found these tools to be invaluable and exceedingly helpful with my studies, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Overall perhaps the most important aspect of the school is that it’s a comfortable place to learn. I’ve made friends, among the diverse personalities and people within the school, as well as becoming more aware of the options available to me academically. If you feel that you lack the motivation, facilities or learning materials you need for the Leaving Certificate, Ashfield College is the place to turn.”

Megan Gilmer, Class of 2013-15