Transition Year – TY Programmes – 4th Year

4th Year at Ashfield College

Immerse Yourself in a Unique 4th Year Educational Experience

Ashfield College offers a unique 4th Year programme which emphasises immersive, educational, cultural and academic experiences that offer participating students an exceptional advantage in their future lives.

4th Year students enjoy a programme that places them on a pathway to success in all aspects of their life, offers them a cultural and social immersion experience and delivers academic opportunities in subjects relevant to their future Leaving Certificate and third level aspirations.

Tour to Rome & Pompeii

On our tour we examine the historical, geographical, classical, religious, literary and linguistic aspects that intersect in the region

Our Dublin Week

During our Dublin week,  we focus on on the city’s Viking history, geographic and biological aspects of its eco-system, as well as the classical, literary and political history of our own capital city

Gaisce Programme

Preparing participants to satisfy relevant elements of the popular Irish President Awards scheme, a major bonus for future CVs.

Social Programmes

Students are socially engaged through charity events and developmental experiences

Skills and work experience programme

which focuses on academic development, career focus, development of relevant IT skills and participation in a relevant professional diploma programme.

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